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Family law in Cyprus is an incredible territory of our legitimate framework. Family attorneys of our law team manage all zones of the family and wedding laws and regulations of Cyprus on a lasting premise.

Our Firm's family attorneys in Cyprus will aid customers to comprehend the legitimate standards that are comprised with the relatives and their connections, rights and obligations inside family and additionally commitments made by marriage. For more subtle elements of our Firm's administrations in connection to Matrimonial and Family Law please allude to Our Practice Areas. Marriage, aside from ministerial/religious, is likewise a legitimate assention that involves by specific rights and commitments paying little heed to what both companions consent to do. At the point when life partners face issues in their conjugal relationship and/or in matters identifying with their kids and particularly when the marriage is heading towards breakdown, a few issues and debate, unavoidably emerging from the breakdown, must be directed by the suitable court, which in Cyprus is the Family Court, through the support of a Cyprus separation legal advisor.

Family Courts manages incredible breadth for helping individuals in an exceptionally fundamental change in their lives. Separation is not by any means the only range secured in family law; As a rule, the Family Courts in Cyprus have purview to manage cases concerning:

  • Disintegration of marriage (religious, common);
  • Family relationship issues in court processes emerging under the procurements of respective or multilateral traditions marked by the Republic of Cyprus;
  • Issues of parental consideration, support, connection transactions, reception, property issues, between the life partners and whatever other conjugal or family debate, gave that the gatherings or one of them dwells in the  Republic of Cyprus for a persistent time of over 3 months before the recording of the application at the Family court.


A. General Principles:

  • A marriage can be broken down through a Cyprus separation legal counselor after the recording of a separation request of in the interest of both of the life partners, when the decay of the relationship between them has prompted the lost breakdown of their marriage for reasons which may be credited to the respondent or to both mates so it can be securely said that the continuation of the conjugal relationship is unbearable to the applicant.
  • As indicated by Cyprus law, the constant detachment for a time of four (4) years makes an irrebutable assumption of unrecoverable breakdown.
  • The unrecoverable breakdown of a conjugal relationship is assumed (unless the opposite is demonstrated by the Responded) in the accompanying cases: Bigamy, infidelity, abandonment or an endeavor against the life of the Petitioner by the Respondent.
  • Autonomously of unrecoverable breakdown of the conjugal relationship the accompanying constitute free justification for separation:

          - change of sex of the Respondent

          - abandonment of the Petitioner by the Respondent

          - An endeavor against the life of the Petitioner by the Respondent.

The method took after by the Family Court as respects affirmation/ confirmation is the same as the system followed in common cases.

Amid the time of abandonment, the court may issue a request for one life partner, for the selective utilization of the entire or piece of the abode that is utilized as the family home, freely of who is the enrolled holder.

B. Reasonable Issues

The subject of culpability as to the causation of the lost breakdown of the conjugal relationship has no bearing on alternate rights and commitments of the life partners. Hence, as there is frequently no motivator from the Respondent to challenge the appeal, an extraordinary number of separations are issued without one of the life partners which implies that the separations are issued rapidly. By and by, a separation request which moves ahead without restriction from the respondent, can be closed inside 4 – 6 months roughly from the date of its recording.

The extent that religious relational unions are concerned, it is redundant for a separation to be issued by the congregation in light of the fact that under the Law the Family Courts have elite locale to disintegrate relational unions. However both common and religious relational unions are legitimate. On the off chance that the companion acquiring the separation wishes to remarry through a religious marriage, then it is conceivable to face issues as the Church will decline to perform the marriage unless a religious separation is initially issued notwithstanding the common separation.

As respects the disintegration of a religious marriage that was led by Orthodox religion, the law obliges that, before the documenting of the separation request, a notice must be sent to the Metropolis and a time of three (3) months must slip by before recording the appeal.

A request for separation on the ground of unrecoverable breakdown, may not prompt a separation on the off chance that the respondent companion protects the appeal without counterclaiming for the issue of the separation in his or her support.


A. General Principle:

The life partners, contingent upon their methods, have a common commitment to give upkeep. Amid a division period the court may request the companion that is in a superior monetary position, to pay divorce settlement to the next mate.

The commitment to give support may proceed at times even after the issue of the separation.

B. Reasonable Issues

By and by it is uncommon for the male life partner to document an upkeep appeal against the female mate, albeit in principle there if nothing to prevent him from doing as such, in the event that her monetary standing is superior to his.

It is workable for an interval support request to be issued ex parte, i.e. prior to the respondent is advised or listened, gave that there is a dire need to give upkeep instantly after the partition e.g. where the female mate is not meeting expectations and is not able to bolster herself until the knowing about the request.


A. General Principle:

A life partner who has in any capacity contributed towards the increment of the portable or steadfast resources of the other companion amid the marriage or even in the recent past, if such commitment was made in foresight of the marriage, is qualified for case the piece of the expand which speaks to his or her commitment.

As per Cyprus law, there is a rebutable assumption that the 1/3 of the increment of the benefits of one companion was contributed by the other mate.

The case on the other mate's advantages is time banished two (2) years after the disintegration of the marriage by the family court.

B. Useful Issues :

The court can consider resources spotted abroad.

Anything that was gained by method for blessing is not considered in evaluating  the increment of benefits


A. General Principle:

The parental consideration is practiced together by both folks. In the event of question between the folks as to the activity of parental consideration, the issue is chosen by the Family Court.

Each choice taken by the folks or by the court, in regards to the activity of the parental consideration, must go for the best enthusiasm of the kid. Contingent upon the age and development of the tyke, his or her wishes will be considered before any choice that concerns him/her is come to.

If there should be an occurrence of partition or separation, the activity of parental consideration is controlled by the court, unless the folks concur overall between themselves.

The guardian living separated from the tyke has a privilege of access and correspondence with him or her.

In court incidents where the guardianship, consideration, welfare or guardianship of the tyke, are in issue a Social Worker is named keeping in mind the end goal to examine the family and different circumstances to support the Court in figuring out what the best enthusiasm of the kid is.

The grandparents additionally have a privilege of access and correspondence with the youngsters.

The Cyprus courts have ward to manage instances of parental consideration of a tyke, despite the fact that the kid is in Cyprus just briefly, e.g. for occasions.

B. Pragmatic Issues

A break request may be issued managing interim access and correspondence, before the last judgment of the court on the matter.

A guardian who does not have parental consideration of the youngsters is in any case qualified for look for a privilege of correspondence.

Obstinate defiance to a court request giving the privilege of correspondence adds up to scorn of court, and is culpable in like manner.

There is no separation between folks on the ground of their sex, in figuring out who ought to practice the parental consideration. A mixed bag of components are considered, for example, who the kids are as of now living with or, in the event that they are of an age which permits them to express a dependable supposition, what their wish is. It ought to be focused on however that in instances of newborn children of young age or young ladies the activity of the legal tact typically supports the mother while for more seasoned young men the father.


A. General Principles:

Both folks are together in charge of the backing and upkeep of the kid, as per their particular means. The commitment for kid bolster may proceed, now and again, even after the youngster is 18 e.g. in the event that mulling over. The court may issue a break request for the support of a youngster pending the last determination of the issue after a hearing.

Additionally in Cyprus law, there is  a procurement for the commitment of adult kids to bolster their guardians who are not able to bolster themselves. Any sums payable under a court request for support are recoverable in the same path as fines.

B. Functional Issues

Between time requests, for the upkeep of youngsters, pending last mediation, are promptly issued by the courts, as it is important to give the method for backing of kids amid the, occasionally, long stretch their guardians are battling one another in separation processes.

On the off chance that kids live with the father and the mother's wage is significant, there is nothing to keep the father from guaranteeing from the mother commitment towards the backing of the youngsters.

Endowments are not considered in evaluating the sum payable by a guardian for the support of a youngster.








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