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Savva law and associates is a highly regarded and leading legal team based in Paphos, Cyprus. Our offices are located in Peyia, Pafo and Limassol so we can make it easier to contact us and discuss with us about your case. We know that our times are difficult, that's why our law firm is dedicated to our client's best interests. We strive to provide our legal services in a way that will be efficient and economical. We are proud of our strong ethics and the technical excellence of our lawyers and staff.

Our Legal team is consisted by members that are specializing in certain areas of the law. In the same time, their knowledge, includes, all law areas which make them more suitable and capable to resolve your legal issues. Moreover this which characterize our team is our loyalty to the client's believes, the dedication and the speed. We dedicate time outside of the office in order to help you fix your issues and relief you from the stress!

"Dedication and loyalty to your scope" is our moto! "work as professionals and approach your problems as humans" our believe!

Legal Consultancy

Our firm expert counselors are here to provide you guidance to your future steps.

Legal Representation

Experts and enthusiastic lawyers are ready to represent you and your company and drive you to the success.

Dedication - Affordable Prices - Satisfaction


Areas of Practice


Financial & Depts

Legal services and consultancy about finance. We can help you on investments, debt collections, avoiding debt and many more.


Immigration & Citizenship

Would you like to become citizen of Cyprus. We are here to assist you achieve this. We will prepare everything for you and you just need to follow our guide!


Property Transfer

Savva law firm experience in property transaction insures your intrests. Buy or sell we are here to do all it needs for the transaction to finsih the way you want.


Wills & Trusts

Ensure your family and your wealth by creating a will. Savva law firm has great experience in this area and they will ensure your wishes will be fullfill.


Criminal Law

Criminal law is the body of law that relates to crime and involves prosecution by the government of a person for an act that has been classified as crime. If you find yourself in any situation of criminal act then you Savva law firm is ready to advise you and defend you in the court of law.


Family Law

Family is a great responsibility. In case you need legal advise or legal act we are here to forward your wish. Divorces, family violence, adoptions, domestic partnerships are some of our legal matters we can assist you.


Corporate Law

Companies needs to secure their interests. Sava law firm will be always on your side to advise and prepare all the legal material so you can proceed to your business act secure.


Accidents and Personal Injury

Savva law firm has years of experience in accidents and personal injury matters. We will go above and beyond to help you cover yourself in any situation

The law isn't justice. It's a very imperfect mechanism. If you press exactly the right buttons and are also lucky, justice may show up in the answer. A mechanism is all the law was ever intended to be.

Raymond Chandler


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SINERGATISMOU 16 - Peyia, Paphos, Cyprus
Dilou 15A - Paphos, Cyprus 8027
Bienni 3 - Limassol, Cyprus 3117
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Phone:+357 96 812615 FAX:+357 26 946183


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